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We are here to guide you and help you realize your potential.  Here are some of the services we offer to our clients:


Training includes a daily working program that revolves around each horses individual needs and talents.  Your horses health is at the forefront of all the decisions made at our facility.  Board is included in our training service


When the time is right for you and your horse to hit the show ring we are there with you every step of the way.  Conditioning, grooming, hauling, show prep, and coaching are only a handful of the services we provide for our showing clients and their horses.


Lessons are provided for our clients with horses in training.  But we also have a lesson program for those who do not yet own a horse and want to get their feet wet.  There is a strong commitment to teaching good horsemanship, proper etiquette, and solid equitation here at Spicer Training Center.  We welcome beginners to advanced riders alike.


When looking for the right horse or thinking of selling it's a good idea to have some help.  We offer sales services to both buyers and sellers.  Our goal is to find you a horse that is suitable for your current and future skill level who can be a friend and trusted companion as you go along.  We will also work diligently to find the right home for any horse you may be selling.


Spicer Training Center, LLC is available for small or large clinics from 1 day minimum to 3days maximum.  We cover a number of topics and disciplines so feel free to contact us about any interests you may have in hosting your own informative clinic.


Managing and promoting a show horse takes time and experience.  Please let us assist you in your endeavors.

What other trainers are saying.

Courtney Spicer

It is not often in a competitive industry that you find a professional that sees the bigger picture. One that is willing to help other peers with out immediate reward.

Courtney Spicer is one of those people. The good of the  horse and the good of the person always comes before the all mighty dollar

Her personal integrity trickles into her training. Courtney can not resist but to be honest and compassionate with her horses as well. She will never rush or pressure a horse or rider that is not ready or push them to do something incompatible with their abilities. Courtney has also donated her time and talent to our local Arabian Youth Club

I admire Courtney Spicer as a very accomplished national quality trainer in our equine business. I also admire her as a person I only wish we had more like her .

Betsy Burkett

Sarabande Riding Club

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