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A little about our trainer

Courtney Spicer is a Nationally and Regionally ranked trainer.  She is a devoted wife and the mother of two beautiful children.  A native of Virginia she moved to Arizona in 1999 to train and fell in love with the Arabian breed.  " I was so captivated by their willingness and their unabashed love for humans.  This beautiful animal was so happy to be doing whatever I asked and was genuinely curious about the next step.  Now my children get to experience this everyday with the horses at our facility.  I can't help but revel in the knowledge that these horses will enrich their lives in a way that nothing else can,"

Our philosophy is simple.  Work hard, be honest, continue to learn, and believe in your vision.  

What our customers are saying

Courtney has the skill set and experience to get you to the level you desire.....Spicer Training Center offers a non-judgmental and caring focus on your success.  You can trust Courtney with your personal goals and with your equine investment.

Randy Reed / Crossroads Equine, LLC

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